Version FRRugby has many values, such as solidarity, brave and fair play,  and Burrda Sport really wants to match with.

As a result, they began to attack the native country of rugby, UK. So, Burrda Sport is now the official supplier of Northampton Saints and Llanelli Scarlets.

Burrda Sport didn’t want to stop here …

2011 was a great year for them as they entered the best european championship, that is to say France. Rugby is becoming a more and more popular sport there. Moreover, Burrda Sport chose two historical teams.

The first one is Biarritz, a club with an impressive prize list and a charismatic president, Serge Blanco. He is one of the most famous French International player, known as the best French scorer. Burrda Sport manage to be partner with this wonderful club, helping them to improve their image in France.

But that’s not all …

The other club is also an historical club but with a different story. It used to be one of the best many years ago, but it played for many seasons and the inferior division. Thanks to his president Mourad Boudjellal, the club managed to recruit many stars (Matfield, Gregan…) and reach the top division. They are now the favorite club for the national title thanks to other international players (Wilkinson, Bastareaud, Van Niekerk, Michalak …). All these elements are making RCT a very good opportunity for Burrda Sport.

In spite of Puma’s contract with RCT (available up to 2013), Burrda Sport manage to become the official supplier. We can suppose that they are ready to assume financially speaking the consequence of the non respect of the contract, as Puma asked for a justice decision.

Burrda Sport shows it strength in convincing teams to trust in them and shows ti its competitors than they’ll do everything to become an important actor in Rugby.