Burrda Sport Company

http://burrda-sport.com/fr/Burrda Sport is a sport brand which aim is to compete with the biggest actors of this market. We want to talk about many famous brands such as Nike, Adidas or Puma.

To hit their target, they focus on challenging concepts and designs to create new and performing sports clothes.

Although it is a very young company (created in 2007), thanks to their quality sportswears, Burrda Sport managed to become the official suppliers of many sport teams in very various sports such as handball, rugby or football.

The company is based in Genève (Switzerland), but Burrda Sport also have an office in Doha (Qatar). Actually, it is owned by Pilatus Sports Management SA, that is itself financed by Qatari Funds.

After having made a lot of promotion in the Arabic countries, its new target seems to be Europe, as the number of professional teams supplied and/or sponsorised by Burrda Sport is quickly growing.

We don’t know when this growth will stop, but one thing is sure, you can rely on Burrda Sport managers to make their best to reach their ambitious goals !